Deleting Files From Google Storage

While 15 gb seems like a lot, the more I use Google, I find I’m slowly but surely closing in on that 15 gb limit.

I have found a couple of links and tips to delete files in the Storage. Even though you put items in the trash is not enough. You will have to empty your Trash also.

Here’s the link to see what files you have.

  • Email – If someone sends me an attachment, download the attachment and then Delete the email. If you Archive the email, it will count against your total.
  • Email – in the Gmail Search bar type in larger:5M – tis will show you all files that are 5 mb or larger. I did this myself and came up with 520 files!
  • Below are two articles which give more options.
  • notes
  • Google notes
  • CNET – has a great article on this topic and what you can do to keep track of your documents and the 15 gb limit,

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