Making Free Phone Calls with Gmail

If you don’t have an “Unlimited” phone plan, you may need a 2nd option for making phone calls which may be quite long. One way to do that is to use the phone feature in Gmail. You may need a Google Voice account for this to work.

I like to use a USB headset – Plantronics Audio 655.  Once you plug it in, it becomes your default audio device. 


To get to the phone function in Gmail you have to move your mouse to the bottom left of your screen and click on the black box and then click on the phone icon which will popup. This then triggers another popup that you use to enter your phone number.

Even though you are signed in to Gmail, they make you sign-in again to Chat. You can get to that from the Gears Icon – Settings – Chat.

Now you can just enter your phone number and make your Free U. S. phone call. Note that I do have money in my account – this is for international calls.



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