TV in the Basement

It looks like our local cable company Charter is going to force people to go to an all digital signal and that means using one of their boxes to decode the signal. Unfortunately, that also means they will be charging you for each box in the future – around $7/box. Apparently they are going to give you one year for free and then the bills will start.

Since we have five TVs in the house and I don’t want to pay and extra $35/month, I’m looking at ways to get OTA, Over The Air, TV signals to all my TVs. Upstairs, there is not problem getting a signal, but in the basement, it’s almost impossible to get a signal.


One solution I’ve found is to put the antenna, Philips SDV1125T/27, ($14.00) in a basement window and run the wire to the TV. I got ALL my channels with a good signal. The Philips antenna is fairly cheap, but does the job. Consumer Reports recommends the RCA ANT1650F/ANT for around $35. I could also put an antenna in an upstairs window and run a cable to the basement. That may be an option for my second basement TV.

If this is also your situation, it could save you a nice chunk of money in the future.


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