Passwords – Complex or Long?

One of the things I’ve learned about passwords is that long-simpler passwords take a very long time to guess and are even better than short-complex passwords. Try out the GRC haystack generator to see how long it would take to crack different length passwords with different complexity.

Here’s a quick summation:

– 8 digit (3EvC4bS&) complex password would take 18.62 hours to crack assuming a Offline Fast Attack Scenario.

– 20 digit simpler password (dkfjuthglcnvbkiueqas) would take 65.90 million centuries to crack assuming an Offline Fast Attack Scenario.

Other Password Tips

  • Never use dictionary words or combinations of words.
  • Never use just numbers like 12345
  • Use ALL the character types – Upper, lower, numbers and special case.
  • Make it long – the longer the better.
  • Use a Password Manager like Lastpass.
  • Use entirely different passwords on different accounts.
  • Create a passphrase which is meaningful to you which contains all character sets.

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