Skype Phone Adventures

I’ve been looking for another inexpensive way to make phone calls as I close in on my 1000 minute plan. I believe I pay an extra 20 cents a minute for overages, so it can be expensive.

I’ve decided to signup for a Skype Phone number – they give you an actual phone number that people can use to call you. Cost is about $5 to $6/month.

I also signed up for a monthly unlimited US and Canada phone plan – cost $3/month.

All together a cost of $8 to $9/month.

While I could use a computer to make phone calls I prefer to use my tablets and Nexus 4 to make the calls using my wireless network and the Skype app.

I also like that it records voice messages and will send you an email when you do get a call if you happen to miss the call.


The only thing I don’t like is that there is no easy way to enter phone numbers or transfer phone numbers to the Skype app. Right now I have to manually enter the phone numbers. It would be nice if you could import a CSV file.


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