Creating a Movie Using a Picture and MP3

I have a friend who wanted to know how to make a YouTube movie using just a picture and a mp3 audio file. Here’s one fairly simple way to do it with Windows MovieMaker.

  • Open up MovieMaker – it’s a free download.
  • Import the picture into MM.
  • Note that it only puts in a 7 second segment.
  • Home tab
  • Add music – add music from PC.
  • Note that it only gives you 7 seconds of the mp3
  • Select your picture and hit Ctrl C – to copy – then Ctrl V to paste.
  • Now you will have 14 seconds of the audio.
  • Progressively select larger segments of the picture until you have the picture for the entire length of your mp3.
  • Now you can “Save Movie” – I prefer to choose the setting – “Recommended for this project.” This usually gives you a larger, better quality video, but since you are really only concerned about the audio, you could choose a lesser setting.

I’d suggest you edit your audio ahead of time using either Audacity or Audition.


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