Ebay Passwords – Not So Easy to Change

I just got off with the phone with Ebay trying to change my password. Finally after about 15 minutes we got it to work. Here are the problems and the solution we came up with.

1. Ebay doesn’t allow you to directly change your password as in the past. You login with your old password and they send a link to your email address.

2. You then click on the link in the email  to come to a page to finally enter your new password.

3. The problem is, you can’t just simply generate a good password from LastPass and paste it into Ebay. PASTING DOESN’T WORK! What! I don’t know how or why they cut off that functionality, but you can’t simply paste your new 20 mixed character password into the field. You have to type it in manually – twice of course so that they can confirm that it’s the same password.

4. You also can’t see what you are typing since they only type in *****

5. SOLUTION – The Ebay rep after a few more security questions, sent me a different email link which got me to their standard password page where I could paste in my password.

I hope that eBay fixes this password problem in the near future.


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