Windows 8 Tips

I’m going to use this page as a place to consolidate many Windows 8 tips.


Thanks to Padre for the tips below.

Screen Grab

1. Press (Win Key) + (PrtSc)
* The image is automatically saved to “Pictures”


Get rid of Windows Default Windows Viewer.
1. Right Click on an image
2. Select “Open With”
3. Select “Choose Default Program”
4. Select “Windows Photo Viewer” or “Photoshop.”

* You’ll have to select ALL the different types of images you want to open with “Windows Photo Viewer”

1. “Settings”
2. “Control Panel”
3. “Default Programs”
4. “Set your default programs”
5. Scroll to “Windows Photo Viewer” or “Photoshop”
6. Select “Set this program as default”
7. Click “Ok”

Now any image should open up in your program.


Desktop Apps
1. Right click on the Desktop

New – Add shortcut
2. Select “Add Shortcut”
3. “Explorer Shell:AppsFolder”
4. Name it “All Apps”

Now this folder has ALL your programs.


Create a Shutdown Button

1. Go to Desktop
2. Right Click on an empty area of the desktop
3. Create a new Shortcut
4. “shutdown.exe -s -t 00”
5. Name it “Shutdown”
6. Pin it to the Taskbar


Desktop Icon Size

To increase or decrease the size of icons on your desktop,
Hold down the Ctrl key – put your mouse over an icon, click on the wheel and then by turning the wheel, you can change the icon size.



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