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Overseas Travel Security and Phone Tips

As I have been traveling to Europe lately and have a friend asking for advice as she goes to Koala Lampur, I thought I’d put together a few tips on security and phone use when you leave the U.S. Don’t … Continue reading

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Audio Editing – Backwards

When I record an audio I know that I’m going to have sections that need editing, needed a second or third take, or have a cough etc, in the audio. What I usually do is write down exactly where that … Continue reading

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Listening to Podcasts

A Podcast is either an internet audio or video show which you can download and then listen  to at some future time. Since I’m not in the Apple Universe, I use as a way to subscribe and download shows to my … Continue reading

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Forgotten Passwords

I’ve got a friend who has forgotten her password to an account and I was searching for ways to help her out. Here are a few ways I found to change those ******* into the actual password. 1. Select the … Continue reading

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X-Fi-Go External Soundcard Review

While I’ve had this device for quite a while, I am only using it recently. They make a newer Pro model, but I’m not sure what the difference is. It does have basic plugnplay functionality, but if you want the … Continue reading

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Don’t Change Your Phone Number

Trying to help a friend retrieve her email after she lost/forgot her password, I learned how important it was to have a current cell phone number linked to the account. She had two phone numbers linked to the account, both … Continue reading

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Saving People From Themselves

I’ve got a friend who gives me a call at least every six months over malware that is installed on his computer. While many times he claims innocence as to how it got on his computer, this last time he … Continue reading

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