Saving People From Themselves

I’ve got a friend who gives me a call at least every six months over malware that is installed on his computer. While many times he claims innocence as to how it got on his computer, this last time he confessed to clicking on a bogus link to install some software to “Help” his computer be safer. It installed at least five pieces of malware and made his computer aggravating to use.

He does run as a “Standard” user, but this doesn’t stop him installing software. A popup will appear and just ask him for his Administrator password – which he dutifully types in.

I was thinking about how to keep him from doing stupid things like this and came up with a solution. Make up a new password for his Administrator account and don’t tell him what it is. Now this means you need to write it down somewhere and have access to it, but that might mean a savings of a couple of hours of your time if he would install more malware.

Another way would be to use my label maker and come over with a new Administrator password and put in on the bottom of the computer. Theoretically, he wouldn’t know to look there or know what it is.  If he calls you, you’d know that he’s probably doing something he shouldn’t be doing.


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