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Hacked Companies

Here’s a list of companies and countries that may have been hacked by the bad guys. The most recent are on top. The Have I Been Pwned website has an extensive list of websites and accounts which have been breached. … Continue reading

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Facebook Notes

Turn off Auto Play Videos – Go to – Settings – Video. This keeps your bandwidth down. Facebook Profiles – what you normally would see for your friends is for individuals. This is what you see if you want to … Continue reading

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USB Hacked

Listening to Padre of Know How, I learned a bit more about the possibility of BAD-USB devices being hacked and compromised. All the devices have upgradeable firmware which can be over-written and be compromised with malware. Here are a few … Continue reading

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LastPass Down – No Problem

Lately, LastPass servers went down and it was unavailable online. Below is one option to have your passwords available and ready to use even when LastPass is not working in Online mode. Make sure you have the Binary version of … Continue reading

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Malware Removal Options

First off – don’t run as Administrator – when you get your system cleaned – change to a Standard User Here’s a list of removal options below. AV-TEST did a great report on these solutions – this link. Malwarebytes¬†– The … Continue reading

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Google Drive – Offline

While Google Drive is the way I keep most of my new files, when you don’t have internet access, it can be a bit aggravating when you can’t get to your files. Even if you have setup Offline Sync, when … Continue reading

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WordPress – Miscellaneous Notes

I’m going to use this posting to collect miscellaneous things I learn about Audio Files, like mp3, also need the Space Upgrade. $20 for an extra 10 gb. Categories – you can add a New Category without making a … Continue reading

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