DPI – Dots Per Inch – Doesn’t Matter

One of the things which I’ve just recently learned is that for the internet, DPI or dots per inch, doesn’t matter. If you look at the pictures below they are all 640 x 480 pixels wide, but have different dpi. The top picture is 7 dpi, the middle picture is 72 dpi and the bottom picture is 350 dpi. Note that they all display the same and there is no difference in how they look.



72 DPI


350 DPI

Here are a few more articles about this subject.


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2 Responses to DPI – Dots Per Inch – Doesn’t Matter

  1. Joel Krauska says:

    Right — DPI (dots per inch) is more about printing.

    All if your images above have the same number of ‘dots’ or pixels.
    640×480 =~ 300,000 dots. (0.3 MegaPIxels)

    Check what changing the DPI does to your ‘canvas size’ in photoshop.

    Browsers will ‘paint’ those pixels on the screen, but the resolution of the screen and the zoom level are what will impact the number of pixels your screen will print per inch.

  2. Tom Terrific says:

    The canvas width is wildly different between the 7 dpi and the 350 dpi. – 91.429 inches versus 1.829″ wide.

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