How to Setup a Guest Network

Steve Gibson, (SN-466) suggested this configuration for a “Guest Network” or possibly a wireless system for what they call the “Internet of Things.” When asked about the Security of Wireless routers which have “Guest Networks,” he responded, “I have no idea.”

In the Security Now #545, Steve also talks about this subject and suggests Three Dumb Routers which is basically the same setup.

Note – here’s a more in-depth article on this idea.

Here is Steve’s response to the above article – “The podcast’s current favorite “one smart router” is the Ubiquity EdgeRouter X. And amazing value for $49! But I still think there’s a great case to be made for the “three dumb router” configuration when a user on a tight budget already has some old “el cheapos” in the closet.”

Here’s the basic setup he suggests.




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