WordPress – Miscellaneous Notes

I’m going to use this posting to collect miscellaneous things I learn about WordPress.com.

  • Audio Files, like mp3, also need the Space Upgrade. $20 for an extra 10 gb.
  • Categories – you can add a New Category without making a post this way. In the Classic Dashboard – click All Posts and under that you will see Categories – click on that and then you can add a New Category without making a post.
  • Delete Media – You can delete items from your Media Library to make space for new items. Click in the box on the top right of each item – then go to the top of the page and under Bulk Actions click on Delete Permanently.
  • File Size – downsize all your graphics. You only get 3000 mb of space in your Media Library. I usually resize most of my graphics to 800 pixels wide.
  • Link to an Image – Add Media – follow the normal procedures of uploading the image, but when you see the attachment details, scroll to the bottom and you will see – Attachment Display Settings – click on the Link To and change it from Media File to choose Custom URL. Type in the link URL and then Insert into Post.
  • Mobile Devices – the good news is that WP automatically shows a mobile friendly page when a person uses a phone or tablet – here’s some more information.
  • Photo Gallery – click on Add Media – then Upload the Files – When you are done uploading, the click on Create Gallery and then Select the photos you want in your Gallery – they will have a check-mark by them. Click on the Create a New Gallery button. You now have a number of options as to how you want the gallery displayed. I like the tile Mosaic option – when people click on a picture, it goes to a slide show. Here’s a link with more information – http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/
  • Publicize to Facebook – normally to do this you need to be the owner of the Facebook account, but I also discovered that if you are an Administrator of a Facebook account, when you do the sharing to Facebook, you first choose yourself and then it gives you the option of which account to post it to.
  • Sub-Categories – When you want to create a sub-category, go to Add New Category, type in the name of the new sub-category and then select the arrow down button on Parent Category and select the Category you want this to go under.
  • Space Left – To find out how much space you have used – Dashboard – Media – Library
  • Who’s Following Your Blog? – WP Admin – from the Dashboard – click on Site Stats – Scroll down to the area which says Totals, Followers & Shares
    You can then then look at the Followers area and click on Blog to see who is following the blog.
  • Zip Files – Can I upload zip files? Answer – Yes – IF – you have a space upgrade. (Instead of posting 20 files on one topic I wanted to upload just one zip file – that is possible if you have the space upgrade.
  • Upgrades Overview – you can buy ALL the upgrades for $99/year.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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