USB Hacked

Listening to Padre of Know How, I learned a bit more about the possibility of BAD-USB devices being hacked and compromised. All the devices have upgradeable firmware which can be over-written and be compromised with malware.

Here are a few suggestions

  • Don’t share thumb drives and other USB devices with other people.
  • Don’t plug in random USB thumb drives into your computer.
  • This actually happened to my wife when she was part of a multi-company team – one thumb drive infected the computer they were all working on.
  • One solution would be to buy inexpensive thumb drives that if you use in someone else’s computer – you could then throw away.
  • SD Cards can also be hacked – but they are not nearly as vulnerable. This is preferable to using a thumb drive.
  • The best way left to move files safely is electronically – email, google drive etc.



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