Banking from a Thumb Drive

Note – for those of you who just want to buy a device to do the same thing – checkout this review of ZeusGard.


One of the ways to safely bank online is to boot from a thumb drive and avoid any malware and viruses that may be installed on your computer.

Here’s the basic process. I’m not going to go into all the details since the YouTube video below explains everything.

1. Download a version of Linux (like Ubuntu) as an ISO file.

2. Download Universal USB Installer 

3. Open the Universal USB Installer EXE file.

4. Have an empty USB thumb drive you can use only for this purpose.

5. Follow the 4 steps and you’ll have a Linux boot USB drive.


  • I had trouble installing the UUI as a Standard user. I temporarily changed my status to Administrator.
  • I also noticed that I couldn’t install Google Chrome – it wasn’t even suggested as a browser option.

Notes – I really do like Ubuntu. It is very intuitive and connecting to the wireless network is easy. It comes with Libre Office, Firefox and other Apps you can download.







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