Windows 10 – Tips

Windows is coming out with a new version in 2015 – here’s a video of some of the new features. It appears that it might be a nice mix of Windows 7 and Windows 8. There’s not a whole lot of information, but it shows the direction that the build is going.

ALSO – here’s the link to Paul Thurott’s site and all his Windows 10 information.

Here are some notes:

  • They skipped over the name Windows 9 and went to Windows 10.
  • The Start Menu is back.
  • Has the old Task Bar.
  • Supports multiple desktops.
  • Task View – allows you to see all the windows which are open.
  • Command Prompt – you can now copy and paste into this.
  • On hybrid tablets/laptops (2 in 1) The desktop interface works when you have the keyboard attached and when you detach the screen, it prompts you to enter the Tablet mode.

Things I’m Changing after Win 10 Installation

Other Notes

Another video below


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