Two Step Verification

Since there are so many companies and sites that are being hacked these days that I’m going to set it up with my various accounts. David Pogue also has a nice article on this topic.

It also looks like the US Government is finally going to get on the band wagon and require better security in the next 18 months.

Here’s a website which keeps track of two-factor authentication.


This is probably the most important site to have two-factor authentication.

Here’s a link for most of the instructions.

Google Authenticator is probably the easiest if you have a recent smart phone.

Here’s a video below on how to set this up.


Amazon – has two factor and allows you to not require it on your main device.  Steps are these

  • Your Account
  • Change Account Settings
  • Advanced Security Settings – Edit
  • Get Started – follow the prompts.

They want you to have a backup device in case your main device is not working.



It’s a very simple process if you just send a text message to your phone. It appears that you only have to do this verification once on each device,although the video mentions every 30 days – we’ll see. Make sure you setup a backup phone number and also print out one-time verification codes. This is not done automatically – you have to set this up yourself. You can also get codes via the Authenticator App, but I chose to use my phone. The videos below explain the process of setting it up.

The video below seems a bit dated, but explains the process fairly well.



From the Gear Icon click on Account Info.
There you will find a Menu to – Setup you second signin verification

You can setup more than one phone for 2nd verification which is nice and they give you the option to use Security Questions which I chose not to use.

Here’s a video


Facebook – looks like it takes a lot of steps and is a pain. Here’s the link.


Below is a work in progress.

USB Security Keys

I just order the Yubico


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