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HDMI Equipment

Rather than pay the inflated prices at the big box stores, here’s a nice list of good cables and equipment for your HDMI needs. This is Robert Heron’s list as he’s the expert in this field. HDMI to HDMI … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Adware and Crapware

It seems like almost all download sites, even the much loved Sourceforge, are including Adware with their installation software. In many cases these extra toolbars etc. are often in plain sight as you try to quickly push the Next button … Continue reading

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Get Rid of Gmail Ads

Google has started adding advertisements, disguised as Email, to your Inbox. The ads come to your Promotions tab of the new and improved Gmail. They say you can “Dismiss” the ad and you won’t see it again – NOT TRUE. … Continue reading

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Change Double-Click to Single-Click

One of the the things I learned from my seniors is that using a mouse becomes harder as we age. Even the simple act of double-clicking on an file to open it, becomes almost impossible. I’ve found a solution which … Continue reading

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Create a Restore Point – NOW!

I recently had one of my computers refuse to allow my keyboard to work. After numerous trials I determined that the keyboard driver was wacky and needed to be fixed. One way I could do that was to do a … Continue reading

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Tech-Tips from David Pogue

Here’s a summary of David Pogue’s Top Ten Time Saving Tech-Tips Space Bar – scrolls down the website by one page. Use Shift-Space to Scroll Up. Filling in forms – use the Tab key to jump from one area to … Continue reading

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How to Import an Outlook PST File into Gmail

Helping a friend move from one old computer to another new computer, it turned out that even though he had a Yahoo email address, he used Outlook for his emails. This version of Outlook keeps all it’s data in a … Continue reading

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