Chrome Extensions List

I thought it would be interesting to list what Chrome Extensions I use and also ask for comments to see what other people might suggest.

1. Amazon Smile 1Button – it makes donations to your favorite charity every time you buy anything on Amazon.

2. Google docs – not sure why I have this on there or what it does. I’m actually going to disable this for a while. I prefer using Google Drive.

3. HTTPS Everywhere – it will try to make a HTTPS connection with every website and thus make you connection more secure.

4. Lastpass – my favorite password manager.

5. Privacy Badger – disables tracking and ads from some sites. Note – this breaks some sites, so you may have to disable it on some sites.

6. Save to Pocket – I use Pocket to mark specific sites I want to look at in the future.

7. Send from Gmail – allows you to send email just by clicking on an email address on a website.

8. Smile Always – seems like it might be slightly different than #1 – it will redirect an Amazon link to a smile link.

9. Xmarks Bookmark Sync – I use Xmarks to sync all my bookmarks between my various computers.


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