How to Import an Outlook PST File into Gmail

Helping a friend move from one old computer to another new computer, it turned out that even though he had a Yahoo email address, he used Outlook for his emails. This version of Outlook keeps all it’s data in a PST file. I did manage to find the OUTLOOK.PST file on the old hard drive, but then the question was how to get the contacts into Gmail.

It turns out that Google has a partial solution – Google’s Migration Tool.


After downloading and trying to install this tool, I had a problem.



I realized that you must have Outlook installed on the computer for this Tool to work. I don’t use Outlook any more, so I had to come up with option #2.

My answer was to find another computer, my wife’s old computer, which did have Outlook installed. I copied the PST file over to that computer and the Migration Tool worked fine.

Most solutions I found online mentioned downloading Outlook from the web, but none of the links I followed allowed that.

If you don’t have Outlook, try and find a friend who does, bring your PST file and it should work for you too.




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One Response to How to Import an Outlook PST File into Gmail

  1. This only works for Google Apps Gmail – not for Gmail on the Web (for us non-business Gmail users!)

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