Tech-Tips from David Pogue

Here’s a summary of David Pogue’s Top Ten Time Saving Tech-Tips

  • Space Bar – scrolls down the website by one page. Use Shift-Space to Scroll Up.
  • Filling in forms – use the Tab key to jump from one area to the next – also when you are selecting the state, just type in the first letter of your state – M for Missouri – you may need to do this more than once.
  • To make text larger on the web, hold down Ctrl then +.
  • Google also does word definitions (define this word), it will also give you flight information as in Southwest #345, and it will also do unit conversion.
  • Prefocus a camera shot – then press the button
  • “B” key to blackout a slide in PowerPoint. or “W” to whiteout a slide.
  • Setup an internet address just for Internet sites you rarely visit.
  • When filling in a URL if you press Ctrl – Enter, it adds the .com
  • Enlarge text on a page by either using the Mouse – Ctrl/Scroll Wheel or the keyboard – Ctrl/+

Phone Tips

  • To recharge – use regular charger and put in Airplane Mode.
  • Typing on Android/iPhone – at the end of a sentence, hit the space bar twice to put in a period and the space and then you’re ready to start your next sentence.
  • Tor turn off a ringing phone, just press any physical button on the side or top.
  • To re-call a person you just called, just hit the “Call” button – it will fill-in with the last person you called.
  • To get past the answering machine instructions, hit the # key on T-Mobile and At&T, Verizon is *, Sprint is 1 (not sure about this)

More Tips

  • Buy a refurbished computer and save money – they are really new, just returned.
  • Don’t turn your computer off at night – put it in Sleep Mode.

YouTube Shortcuts

  • J – jump back ten seconds
  • L – jump forward ten seconds
  • M – mute audio
  • Home – go to beginning.
  • Number keys – jump to that percentage – 2 = 20% etc.

Here’s the video.


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