Create a Restore Point – NOW!

I recently had one of my computers refuse to allow my keyboard to work. After numerous trials I determined that the keyboard driver was wacky and needed to be fixed. One way I could do that was to do a “Restore” from one of my restore points, that Windows is supposed to do automatically – WRONG! For some reason there was not even one restore point .

Here is how to create that restore point today – when everything is working.

To create a restore point.

– Click the Start button.
– In the “Search” area, type in Create a Restore point
– Select the “Create a Restore Point” choice.
– This will take you to the box below.


Make sure that your Operating system is turned On – so that backups will be made automatically – this was my problem – it was not turned on.

Then just click the Create button to create your restore point.


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