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Computer Startup Problems – Try – Last Known Good Configuration

I’ve got a computer that recently has been acting wacky. When I start-up, the USB keyboard  is not recognized and I can’t use the computer. I’ve tried changing the drivers and tried using Windows Restore, both to no avail, but … Continue reading

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Create a WordPress Account without a Blog

You can create a WordPress account without a blog, but it’s hidden away. Below is the link you need to create the account. You will be sent a confirmation email also. After you create the account you can post on … Continue reading

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How to Create a List of Files in a Folder

If you need to create a list of files in a particular folder/directory, here’s an easy way to do it within Windows. In Windows Explorer, move to the folder holding the files. Holding down the Shift key, do a right … Continue reading

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Feed Informer – adding news and feeds to your website

One of my goals as a publisher of content on the web is to publish it once and have it appear automatically as many places as possible. While WordPress does have a Publicize function which allows you to put your … Continue reading

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WordPress – Spam

While I get very little spam in my WP blogs, I just had a friend indicate that he was getting lots. I did a little research into this area and here is what I found and what the problem might … Continue reading

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Photoshop – Making It Easier to View

While I appreciate having my HD display on my laptop, when it comes to using many of the Adobe products including Photoshop, the fonts and icons are very small.  I’m testing out a couple of suggestions to make everything a … Continue reading

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No Amazon Prime on Tivo?

I’ve been wondering why Tivo would have an Amazon Instant Video app, but didn’t have a link for Amazon Prime videos? The answer is in the chart below. You have to have a 2014 Tivo model or later.  Here’s the … Continue reading

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