Feed Informer – adding news and feeds to your website

One of my goals as a publisher of content on the web is to publish it once and have it appear automatically as many places as possible. While WordPress does have a Publicize function which allows you to put your WP post onto Facebook etc., it doesn’t have a way for those posts to automatically go to a your website.

Feed.Informer.com is the way I accomplish this goal.

Below are the basic steps. (Click here for a better FI guide – it’s very good.)

  • You first have to setup an account with Feed.Informer.com. You’ll be sent a confirmation email.
  • Login
  • Create a Digest and give it a logical name.
  • Figure out what the name of the feed is for the website you want to include in your digest.
  • For WordPress accounts you only have to add /feed/ to the URL.
    The feed for http://district8.wordpress.com  is
  • While you can add more than one feed to a digest for most cases you just want one feed in your digest and on your website.
  • Under Digest Settings you will give your digest a name, set the maximum items to show.
  • I don’t use the Output Filters and FI suggests you skip this step the first time through.
  • You then need to choose the Widget Design.  I use the JavaScript option and it seems to work fine.
  • On the same page (‘Widgets’), below “Save Changes” button, you will find the “Widget Embed Code” section. Copy the code from text area and paste it into your web page’s source code in the appropriate location where you want your widget to be displayed.



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