WordPress – Spam

While I get very little spam in my WP blogs, I just had a friend indicate that he was getting lots. I did a little research into this area and here is what I found and what the problem might be.

The first thing you need to do is go to the Discussion area.
Dashboard – WP Admin – Settings – Discussion


In that area you have a number of options.

WP does have a spam filter call Akismet which is on automatically.

Here are the settings I use.

  • Allow people to post comments on new articles – obviously if you turn this off, you won’t get any comments.
  • Email me when – A comment is held for moderation. This way I can keep track of new comments on the blog.
  • Before a comment appears  – Comment must be manually approved – Comment author must have a previously approved comment. This way no comment gets through without my approval.
  • Akismet anti-spam strictness – Strict: silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam. This seems to keep most of my spam away. I’ve got a feeling that my friend doesn’t have this setting on which may be the reason for all his spam.



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