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Power Point Tips for Later Video

I’m helping a friend turn a Power Point presentation into a video and have learned a few things to do in the future to make this easier in the future. Speaker – don’t move around. Make it easy for the … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 8.1 – Nokia 520 for Videos and Kids

While some people can afford to pay $650 for a Nexus 6, it doesn’t make sense to then take that phone and give it to a kid or use it mainly for watching videos. For $30.00 I thought I’d try … Continue reading

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Diskette drive 0 seek failure

After replacing a CMOS battery on a seven year old computer, running Windows 8.1, I started getting the above error message. I first was concerned that my hard drive was fried, but the computer seemed to boot correctly and run … Continue reading

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Running Photoshop in Linux Mint

Since I’ve been a Photoshop user for twenty years, I naturally wanted to use it when I installed Linux Mint. I used the Photoshop 7 version in my installation. I found it to be very easy to do. Here are … Continue reading

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Linux on an Older Laptop

I’ve got an older, Pentium processor, but functional older laptop that I am going to experiment with installing Linux on to. I was advised by Tekthing to use the Mint version of Linux, so that’s what I’m doing. One of … Continue reading

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OTA Tuner and PVR – iView 3500STBII

If you want to cut the cord and get rid of your cable TV bill – here is a good option. Instead of buying the $200 digital TV solution that an expert in the field recommended, I thought I’d give … Continue reading

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Blogs for Schools

I came across this site recently and thought it might benefit schools, teachers and students.  The advantage is that is has no advertising. There are free and paid versions.  It looks exactly like, but there may be some differences … Continue reading

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