Amazon – How to Get the Lowest Price

While Amazon usually has the best price on most items, what I’ve found is that the price on many items will vary tremendously. One label maker I was looking at varied in price from $9.98 and $39.99! If you have some time, here’s how to get the cheapest price.

I used the Chrome Extension “The Camelizer.” Here’s what it looks like below.


Unfortunately, the icon doesn’t show up in my browser. I tried going to Amazon and BestBuy, but the icon never showed up and thus I could never see the price comparions.
SOLUTION – what I found was that even though the icon was not showing up, if it I went up the location where it should be, a popup box would come up and say “The Camelizer”. When I then clicked the price chart would popup. Something is buggy, but at least I figured a solution.

The other great option is that you can create an account with and it will notify you reach your target price.

June 2016 – I just saved $25.00 on one item, so The Camelizer really works. If you can wait on buying an item, this is a good option to save some money.


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