Windows Phone 8.1 – Nokia 520 for Videos and Kids


While some people can afford to pay $650 for a Nexus 6, it doesn’t make sense to then take that phone and give it to a kid or use it mainly for watching videos.

For $30.00 I thought I’d try the Nokia Lumia 520 from the Microsoft store. It used to be $200.00! It’s also an ATT phone, but I didn’t install the SIM card and instead will just use it mainly for entertainment.

This particular model comes with 4 gb free space but you can add up to 64 gb with a micro sd card.


Apps – from the main page, swipe to the left to show all the apps. Hold down on an app and then choose the Pin to Start. 

Back Key – click on it to close an app. Hold it down to show all apps running in the background. You can then close those apps.

Battery Saver – will save your battery either all the time or just when the battery is low.

Camera – 5 gb rear camera and no front camera – so Skype is not an option.

Close an App – click on the Back button.

Main Screen – it easy to remove screen icons by holding down on the icon and choosing the remove button. You can also make the icons small or large. They can also be moved to different locations.

Manual – Here’s the manual in PDF format.

Microsoft Store – not many apps although it seems to have most of the basics. Trying to install an app from the store never worked. I had to go through the 520 and use it’s store app. I’m disappointed in the number of apps available.

Netflix – I’ve had a couple of hiccups and on my second try it is taking forever to download the app. It turns out that I have to go to the Microsoft store on a PC and enter my birth date! – after that it downloaded fine.

Notifications and Quick Actions – swipe down from the top. You can also swipe left to right etc. if you have a lot of Notifications. You can even change which actions appear. Settings – Notifications – Actions

SD Card – added 32 gb micro sd card and it seems to work well.

Status – tap the top of the Main Screen.

Tutorials – ATT has a nice tutorial at this site. You can also go to also has the new 8.1 basics.

Updates – I checked for updates, but got an error message. Second try updated to 8.01. It then updated to version 8.1 – very impressive.

USB cable – everything is recognized and it’s easy to drag and drop files.

Video App – will play most MP4 files. One of my files that VLC plays doesn’t play on this. Why isn’t there a VLC app for this.

Wifi – It found my wifi signal easily and with my Microsoft account I could go to their store and start downloading apps.

Summary – I like this little phone even though I don’t use it as a phone. Microsoft Phone 8.1 is fairly easy to use and figure out. For $30.00 it’s a steal. Unfortunately with the release of Windows 10 in 2015, everything changes again and the app store may be even more scarce. Just for entertainment this is well worth the money.


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