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Can’t Write to a Mac Thumb Drive

I was helping a friend and wanted to copy some of his MAC files onto my USB thumb drive. No matter what I did, it would not work. Note that this is a larger 64 gb drive. I put in … Continue reading

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Remote Desktop in Google Hangouts

I recently had an hour long conversation with Google Tech and one of the nice features they used is a Remote Desktop feature of Google Hangouts. While I had no problems using this feature at the time, when I tried … Continue reading

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Freezing Your Credit

If you’re part of the Anthem 80 million people who had their personal information stolen, you may want to do a Credit Freeze. Steve Gibson talked about this in his Security Now Podcast #495. Here is a good article on … Continue reading

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Stuck Ethernet Cable

Every once in a while I have a lot of trouble getting an Ethernet cable to come out of the computer. After a recent issue, I decided to try buying an Ethernet Coupler along with some short Ethernet cables. This … Continue reading

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Google Drive – Files Missing?

This morning I had the scary realization that 90% of my files were missing in Google Drive. I checked two computers and the results were the same. After a one hour call to Google, I got a partial fix and … Continue reading

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Libraries – Where Did They Go?

As I Upgraded? to Windows 8.1 on one of my computers, one of the irritations that I have put with for too long is that I seem to have lost my “Libraries.” In Windows 7 they introduced this feature and … Continue reading

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How to Disable Flash in Google Chrome

                One of the security risks that seems to always have vulnerabilities and patches is Adobe Flash. Steve Gibson in his latest Security Now podcast shares this tip on disabling Flash in Google … Continue reading

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