USB 2/3 – Speed Tests – Hard Drives versus Thumb Drives


I was moving a larger folder, 5.48 gb, to a hard drive and decided to do some speed tests. Which is faster – a hard drive or a thumb drive? I got very mixed results.

Here’s my summary right up front – don’t buy USB 2 Thumb Drives. – mine was seven times slower than the USB 3 drive.

Here are my results  from the 5.48 gb folder I transferred.

Time Drive Comments
78 seconds Hard Drive USB 3 Only twice as fast as USB 2 – a bit disappointing.
165 seconds Hard Drive USB 2
14 minutes 39 seconds SanDisk Thumb Drive USB 2 Terrible ! Note – I tried the suggestion to change the setting to Optimize performance and the time was almost identical. Cost is $30.00
123 seconds PNY USB 3 Gigantic time difference between this and the SanDisk.  Cost for 64 gb is $25.00

– 123 seconds

–  !!!



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