Questions – that need answers

How do I clone a thumb drive?

I use a thumb drive with Linux installed that I use for online banking. I’d like to clone the drive and give it to a friend.

Signal Vault, I started to think I might need some protection for my new chipped based credit cards.
According to ID Stronghold

these cards don’t work, but they do offer sleeves and wallets with protection.
I’d like to get your feedback on these new technologies.

I recently went from an old-fashioned flip phone to a new smart phone. Since I installed a new sim card in the new smart phone and the old sim card is still in the old flip-phone, can I still use both phones and will they work correctly? I’d like to use my flip phone for when I garden and need a smaller phone for my pocket, but then use my smart phone for the rest of the day.

I have some concerns that my new Moto G might have a low Bluetooth signal.

It won’t pair with my car, while my wife’s Moto E paired just fine.
I also read Brian Krebs blog about him trying to detect a bluetooth signal in Mexico from ATMs and all of the devices he brought could not pickup the signals. He had to buy a phone in Mexico to detect the signals.
1. Does the case you use have any effect on bluetooth – either what you send or what you receive.
2. Are some phones just better at bluetooth than others?
3. Is there any app that you could recommend which could detect and measure bluetooth signals?
After watching Brian Krebs last two videos on Bluetooth ATM skimmers, I was thinking to myself that it might be better, although a bit more expensive, to use a credit card to get money, rather than using my ATM bank card when I’m on vacation.
If my credit card gets compromised, it’s not that big of a deal. I just call the credit card company, and they send me a new card and delete the bad charges.
If my bank card is compromised, they can wipe out my bank account, and then I have to deal with the mess. I know I will eventually get my money back, but it will still be a hassle.
Note – when on vacation, I like to designate only one credit card to be used for everything. It is not tied to any other accounts and is only used for this vacation.


Windows 10 Question

There are times when I don’t want my Windows 10 laptop to be updating itself.

1. I’m on a cruise boat and the internet is just barely usable. If the connection is slow I don’t want it to be trying to download updates when I just want to get my email. Also, the last river cruise I was on specifically told us to turn off Windows Updates since it would swamp the cellular network that they use for the boats internet connection.

2. I’m using my phone as a HotSpot and don’t want my laptop to be downloading large updates when I’m on my cellular network.

I’ve heard that you can’t stop updates – is that right or is there a way to do this in Win 10?

What are the security concerns when using your phone as a Hot Spot?


I have a new Moto G 3rd Gen and one of the things I don’t like is that I don’t see Missed Phone Calls on my Notifications.

Is there a way to add that in or do I need an app for this?

I do get a notification for Voice Mail, but not for missed phone calls.


Has anyone ever tried the ABR program to backup your Win 7 activation codes? Activation Backup Restore Program –


Yubikey – what’s the difference between the Premium Neo and Fido U2F?




How do I unlock a phone without having to pay a fee?
I bought a $30.00 Lumina 520 and wanted to see if I could unlock it.
Answer by Shannon of –

Note – I tried this on my ATT Lumina 520 – we’ll see if they give me the code.

How do I move contacts from a SIM card to a PC?
I’ve got an older flip phone with no SD card and think there ought to be a SIM card reader that you could just plug into a PC. The ones on Amazon seem cheap, but don’t have good reviews. I just bought the Sim card reader below and will see how it does.


Note – it doesn’t work – don’t waste your money.

Make sure all your contacts are in Gmail and then it will import all those contacts to your phone when you add that account.


How do I find the IMEI code without opening up my Lumina 520.
Answer –


Can T-Mobile move contacts from a regular sim card to a micro-sim card? Can they move my contacts to a SD card?

Answer – yes. Although it’s easier to just have all your Contacts in Google Mail and then when you add that account to the phone, it will import all the contacts.


On my two Roku 3’s I’d like to be able to pause a show on one TV and pickup the same show where I paused it on the next show.

ANSWER : I’ve been told you can do this with shows where you have to login, but not with shows that at FREE and don’t have a login.



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