PDF to Word Conversion for Free

I was recently asked to review a PDF Converter, Able2Extract, which has lots of bells and whistles, but unfortunately cost $99.95. While that might be nothing for a company, that’s a bit too expensive for most ordinary people.

I was pointed to a FREE alternative by the same company.

As the graphic below show, it’s a three/four step process which takes about 30 minutes.




  • Select the PDF file you want converted.
  • Give them your email address.
  • They will email you when the file is ready.
  • Be careful and click on the correct download link, not the upgrade link.
  • You will then be taken to a site which will actually allow you to download the file.

I did this with one of the PDF files I already had on my computer and was amazed at the results. The pages were not only accurate, but were more legible in the MS-Word format. You can see the results for yourself below. I’m very impressed with the free version and if you must have other options available, the paid version is a definite option.



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