Computer Won’t Start?

2032-battery While I have had many computers die over the last thirty years, most had to do with bad hard drives.

When “Old Faithful,” my 7 year old Windows XP machine which has been updated to Windows 8.1,started having trouble booting up, I knew something was wrong.

Since it was so old, I thought I’d try a simple fix first. I bought a new CR2032 battery from Amazon for a couple of dollars, backed up everything again and gave it a try. Popping out the old battery was not as simple as it should be, but with the help of a small screw driver, it came out. After putting in the new battery, the computer has been running fine ever since.

The moral of the story is, check the obvious things first before you start tearing your computer apart or sending it to a computer tech.

I did find a great article on all the things that might be wrong if a CMOS battery doesn’t solve your problem.

NOTE – ten months later I am having the same problem. It could be that the batteries I got are not as good as they could be.


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