How to Disable Flash in Google Chrome










One of the security risks that seems to always have vulnerabilities and patches is Adobe Flash. Steve Gibson in his latest Security Now podcast shares this tip on disabling Flash in Google Chrome.

In URL bar, type in – chrome://plugins

This will show you all the plugins which are currently running in Chrome. When you find Adobe Flash Player, just click on the disable button.

I’m going to give this a try and see what sites are broken. As I discover sites which need Flash, I will post them here.

  • News – Stltoday and GoogleNews – ok
  • Gmail – ok
  • YouTube – ok
  • Pandora – NO.
  • – some of their videos are Flash.
  • – most of the news seems ok, except for some embedded flash video content.
  • CafePress – need Flash to design a shirt.
  • NPR – audios won’t play.

You can also change the Settings so that you will have to right-click to get Flash to play. That’s the setting I use now.

Let me choose when to run plugin content.



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