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GoDaddy Phishing Attack

I received this official looking email from GoDaddy – or so I thought initially. It’s actually a phishing scam looking to grab your GoDaddy credentials. If you look at the red arrow it directs you to a totally different site.If … Continue reading

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Flash Android 5.0 Lollipop System Image on Nexus 4

Here are the steps I took to unbrick my Nexus 4. It downloaded Android 5.01, but I got an error message and it won’t install properly. As I am going through this process, the Nexus is useless. 1. Install Java … Continue reading

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Security Freeze Notes

Since I have had my personal information hacked twice this year, I decided to put a Security Freeze on my credit accounts. First off, a Security Freeze or Credit Freeze locks your information at credit reporting agencies so no one … Continue reading

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Social Security – Setup an Online Account NOW!

I just had a friend call since he got a letter from Social Security saying that he had just setup an account, the problem was he didn’t do it. My friend was recently part of the Anthem hack so he … Continue reading

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Incognito Mode in Chrome

One feature that I seem to be using more and more is the Incognito Mode in Chrome. If you click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top you can choose “New Incognito Window.” This will open up a new … Continue reading

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How to Convert HTML to Text

There are times when I have to capture HTML from a page, but I really just want the text and not all the code. I’ve found a site at which allows you to do just that. Here’s what … Continue reading

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Android Lollipop 5 Notes

My Nexus 7 was just updated to Android Lollipop 5.02 – works fine. My Nexus 4 was updated to 5.01 and it locked up and I got the dead Android icon! Luckily I found this “Power Performance” solution which involves … Continue reading

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