Security Freeze Notes

Since I have had my personal information hacked twice this year, I decided to put a Security Freeze on my credit accounts. First off, a Security Freeze or Credit Freeze locks your information at credit reporting agencies so no one can open up a new account in your name. It won’t stop all your identity theft problems, but it will reduce them. Here are a few notes about the process.

  • It only costs $5 for each service in Missouri. Each state has a slight different fee schedule. $15 total per person.
  • Clark Howard has a good explanation that I used for this process.
  • When you fill-in the blanks for each service add in your middle name and any suffix like Jr. I had trouble with one service and wonder if this was the problem?
  • Make sure you write down all the Pin Numbers they give you. Also TransUnion requires you to setup an account – write everything down.

Very easy – done in about 5 minutes. It seems to me that this is a bit too easy. There are no security questions and no way for them to know that this might be someone impersonating me. They give you a pin at the bottom of the page, so make sure you write this down and keep it for when you might want to un-freeze your account.

Note – this did not work for me – (it did work for my wife)  they indicated that I had to send in the information via the mail. They said they would send me a pin number.


  • Requires you to setup an account.
  • Uncheck the box to get more advertising from them.
  • You also have to setup a 6 digit – numeric only number to lift the seucirty freeze


They have a very simple one page form to fill out and will send out a USPS letter to confirm the Security Freeze and it appears to be free.

Note – here’s another article on the topic and it’s benefits by Brian Krebs – June 8, 2015..


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