Flash Android 5.0 Lollipop System Image on Nexus 4

Here are the steps I took to unbrick my Nexus 4. It downloaded Android 5.01, but I got an error message and it won’t install properly. As I am going through this process, the Nexus is useless.

1. Install Java – Java.com to computer

2. Download the SDK Tools
Video recommends downloading the Zip file. It also tells you how to install the SDK and ADB and check if they are working.

3.Download the Android Image file for the Nexus 4. Version 5.01

4. You will need the 7Zip program to open up this image.

5. Follow this video

6. Note  I had the message  “Waiting for Device” so I went back to SDK.exe and installed the Extras with the Google USB driver.

7. I still had the “Waiting for Device”message even though I found the Nexus in Control Panel and installed the drivers.

8. I unplugged the phone from the computer and plugged it back in – it works!

9. I unlocked the phone.

10 . I did the Flash-all.bat and it worked.

11. Android started to load – it took a while.

12. When I finally started it up for the first time, it did give me the option to use “Tap and Go” – it worked only partially, so I had to enter my Gmail account information manually and had to add some apps manually.

The good news is that the Nexus 4 is working again.










Setup Android ADB SDK on your computer

Setup Fastboot on your computer.




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