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HooToo Tripmate Nano Review

Since I’m primarily going to use this device when I travel, that’s the functionality that I’m testing. They call this Bridge Mode. Security is hard enough when I’m at home, so I’m hoping this device will a measure of security … Continue reading

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Finding Saved Passwords

I’m helping a friend who doesn’t know his password to a site, but miraculously is able to login to the site at any time. The answer to this conundrum is that his browser is logging him into the site every … Continue reading

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Moto E – Short Review

I am initially very impressed with the Moto E. I have used Lollipop on a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 and they been slow and a bit aggravating. On the new Moto E it runs like a race car. … Continue reading

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Setup an IRS Account

Brian Krebs came up with some more great advice – setup an account before the bad guys do. ┬áThis is similar to setting up a Social Security online account. The only thing I noticed when doing this for myself … Continue reading

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