Moto E – Short Review


I am initially very impressed with the Moto E. I have used Lollipop on a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 and they been slow and a bit aggravating. On the new Moto E it runs like a race car. For $150 it’s a bargain. I particularly like that it fits in my front jeans pocket. At 4.5″ it’s a perfect size for me.

However there is one caveat – the camera. Here is a picture below of what the camera can do.


All I have done to the picture is crop it and reduced the size. The picture quality might be good enough for a web picture, but that is not good enough for what I like to do. I usually carry a camera around with me on a daily basis and I wanted to have a phone/camera which will be good enough to take its place.

The Moto G with Lollipop should be coming out soon and I’m look forward to seeing how it might compare.



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