HooToo Tripmate Nano Review


Since I’m primarily going to use this device when I travel, that’s the functionality that I’m testing. They call this Bridge Mode. Security is hard enough when I’m at home, so I’m hoping this device will a measure of security when I travel and have to use a hotel’s WiFi. At only $19.00 on Amazon it’s a bargain.

There is a nice User Guide online which is easier to follow then the one page that comes in the box. http://www.hootoo.com/downloads-HT-TM02.html

1. After taking everything out of the small box, I connected it to a USB cable from my laptop.

2. Disconnect my current wireless connection.


3. Connect to the TripMateNano wireless connection using the default password of 11111111

4. Open browser and log in


You will then get a popup which will walk you through the rest of the process.

Choose Wireless – then Scan for Networks and then select the blue arrow and choose your wireless setup. Enter your password and choose DHCP.


You then need to wait while the router reboots.

Re-enter your password and you are now online behind your HooToo router.


Using the website Speedof.me I got these internet speeds using HooToo.
Download – 13.5 Mbps
Upload – 3.5 Mbps

Using my standard wireless I got these speeds
Download – 17 Mbps
Upload – 3.5 Mbps

Looks like there is 25% reduction in speed using HooToo.


Summary – for only $19.00 on Amazon this is a bargain which is going to go into my travel suitcase. You could just as easily take this to Starbucks or anywhere there is free WiFi. You could also use this as a guest Network at home or in a hotel. This would be a way to share one internet connection with a number of people.




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