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Zyxel Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit

A friend of mine uses an adapter like this to have ethernet available all over his house. He uses a different model, but the idea is the same. Robert Heron recommended this model so for $34 it seemed like a … Continue reading

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LastPass Bypass of Two-Factor Authentication

One of the things I have noticed lately is that LastPass is only using my password to login and not using my two-factor authentication. I asked them why this was happening and they sent me to the page below. I … Continue reading

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LastPass Login Change

I was working on a friends computer and had to restore it from a previous image. I setup Lastpass again on her computer, but when I went to Login, I got the message, “LastPass doesn’t recognize this device or you … Continue reading

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How to Prevent Malware and Computer Viruses

I’m helping a friend who had her computer infected with 1620 malware files. I’m trying to figure a way to keep her computer safe in the future and thought I’d repeat Steve Gibson’s advice. Run as a Standard User. Keep … Continue reading

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LastPass Security Settings

One of the features of Last Pass is that you can tell it how often you want to Log out and ┬áLogin. Ideally, you would login every time you start and use your browser, but that’s a bit of an … Continue reading

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BenSound- Royalty Free Music is a nice site which offers Royalty Free Music. The only caveat is that you have to give credit to BenSound. Here’s what the site says. “My music is licensed under a Creative Commons License: You are free to … Continue reading

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HitFilm 3 Express – Free Video Editor

If you’re looking for an alternative to Adobe Premier, HitFilm 3 Express is Free and has loads of features. You can download it at this site. It works on both Windows and Mac. Videomaker has a nice review if … Continue reading

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