LastPass Security Settings


One of the features of Last Pass is that you can tell it how often you want to Log out and  Login.

Ideally, you would login every time you start and use your browser, but that’s a bit of an aggravation. I use a long password + two-factor authentication – which means I need my phone handy.

At the same time, you don’t want LastPass to always be logged in. I’ve had friends who forgot their password because they never enter it.

I’d like an option to Login once a day, but stay logged in for the remainder of the day. The next day, I would have to login again.

The closest I can come to this are the Security settings to “Automatically Log out when all browsers are closed and Chrome has been closed for (mins) ……. I put in 420 minutes which would mean that if I close my browser and go to sleep, then the next day, I would have to login.

The other setting of “Automatically log out after idle (mins) 420 is basically the same thing.

This means I just can’t close my laptop and let it go to sleep, but have to close the browser just before I go to sleep.

I’m hoping that Last Pass takes my suggestion of allowing a “Login once a Day”setting.





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