LastPass Login Change

I was working on a friends computer and had to restore it from a previous image.

I setup Lastpass again on her computer, but when I went to Login, I got the message, “LastPass doesn’t recognize this device or you are at a new location.Please check your email to grant access to your new device or location.”

This is a Catch 22 situation – I use Lastpass to Login to Gmail, but I can’t
Login to LastPass – thus I can’t get my email! Luckily I had written the Gmail login in another location.

When I wrote LastPass about this their answer was, “This measure is in response to the announcement ( … Please refer to this article to resolve this concern – ”

The above link says – “Why am I being asked to verify on login?
As one of our security measures since the breach of LastPass, we require users to verify via their email addresses when logging on new computers/mobile devices or new IP addresses unless they have multifactor authentication enabled for their LastPass accounts.”

ALSO – Once verified, how can I avoid the need to verify my account in the future?

Tom – In summary – either setup multi-factor authentication or disable the verification requirement as shown below.


  1. Enable Multifactor Authentication. We highly recommend doing this as it increases your security. You can learn more about this and which methods LastPass supports here:
  2. You can disable the verification requirement completely by going to the LastPass Vault > Account Settings > Show Advanced Settings > check  “Disable Email Verification”.



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One Response to LastPass Login Change

  1. dongateley says:

    Tom, have you checked whether or not their pocket.exe portable access utility forces the same email verification?

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