Installing Windows 10 – Notes

If you missed the July 29th cutoff to get Windows 10 and you use assistive technologies, you are still eligible to download Windows 10. Here is the link.


Machine #1 – this is my Windows 7 Professional machine that I use for testing purposes. After downloading Windows 10 and trying to install I got the message that Windows 10 cannot be installed on this machine – there was no explanation.


Machine #2 – this is my Home Theatre PC. It’s a Lenovo Q180 and runs Win 7. It only has 2 gb of memory and an Atom processor so it’s not very powerful. Win 10 seems to have installed on this machine without any problems. Watch out for Express Install. I’d suggest you use the Custom Install instead of the Express install. Win 10 wants a lot of your personal data and using the Custom Install you can turn this off.When it finally got installed it looked remarkably like the old Windows 7. If I click on the bottom left Windows icon it goes to the new Windows 10 desktop. I tried to start Skype and it took a long time to load. I clicked on the box which allowed me to choose Skype for Desktop as my default program. One of the things I noticed is that Win 10 changes all of your default programs. You can change them back by going to
Settings – System – Default apps.

Here are some of the screens below from the custom installation.




Machine #3 – Sony Laptop

Win 10 downloaded and installed without any problems. Again – it reverts to my windows 7 start screen which I like.


Machine #4 – Aspire One Netbook

Windows 10 downloaded and installed without a problem.  This computer only has 2 gb of ram and an Atom processor, but it seems to be running smoothly with Win 10. Under Settings – Privacy – I turned off all the background apps.


Machine #5 – Old Windows XP desktop upgraded to Win 7 and then Win 8-8.1

Upgrade went ok. I still have the option to boot to my older Win XP installation. This machine is a Core 2 Quad and still runs great. Sandboxie does not work with Win 10 – I’ve tried a newer version of Sandboxie, but still it doesn’t work.


Machine #6 – Dell 17″Laptop

During the upgrade process, it couldn’t find my home network so I skipped that. It also wouldn’t pull up the taskbar on the bottom or top, but would show it on the left or right. I changed my background and restarted a couple of times and now everything seems to work fine.


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