Ublock Origin – Improve Internet Safety


One of the new categories of malware is called malvertising. Ads that come in on a web page contain malware and can take over your computer. According to The Verge, malvertising has tripled in the last year.

Ublock Origin is an add-on that can help turn off those ads and keep them from showing up on your computer. I use it as a Chrom add-on, but it’s also available for Firefox.

There is another product called Ublock and Ublock.org which is not affiliated with Ublock Origin. Make sure you get the Ublock Origin add-on.

You can disable Ublock Origin by clicking on the big blue icon.

The second column is for blocking/allowing for all sites and the 3rd column is for the particular site you are on.

If you click on the very top line of the popup you will come to the settings page which allows you a number of options. One of the main options to click on is the Advanced User option – see below.


Now, when you click on the + sign by the grey bar it shows you which sites are blocked.

Using this program will not only help protect you from malvertising, but will also speed up your browsing as pages are loaded.

You can configure each site you visit for different permissions which will be remembered between visits.

The main Ublock Origin website can be found at:

Thanks again to Steve Gibson of Security Now for these ideas. His video is below.

Note – as you see below, Ublock will also protect you from sites that have junkware – very impressive.



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