GoPro Hero Notes

I recently bought a GoPro Her0 which is the cheapest GoPro model you can buy right now. I am in the process of testing it out and will share notes about it on this page.

  • One of the first things I noticed was that the camera is built into a plastic case. The problem is that if the case gets scratched in front of the lens, then you will have a scratch showing up in all your videos. I’ve already bought a case to put it in, Smatree® SmaCase G160.  I also bought a silicone cover for the lens for even more protection.
  • One of the things I noticed was that you can only record 2 gb of data at a time. That’s approximately 17 1/2 minutes at 1080p. It won’t stop recording, but will start a second file. That may be another reason to record at the 720p setting.
  • 1280 x 720 60 fps video – 2 gb file is approximately 35 minutes.
  • When I use the chest mount with the back which has cutouts, the audio is excellent.
  • I’m not happy with the 720p video quality – I think I’ll choose the 1080p video for most of my other videos.
  • I prefer the chest mount to the head mount. When I used the head mount, any time I moved my head, the camera view would change.
  • Here’s a good video tutorial which shows all the basics.
  • GoPro Studio is a free video editing program which they offer.

Below is the cover I bought which will protect the camera lens from scratches. It’s available on Amazon for $7.99.




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