Social Media Posting Options

The Social Media scene is one which is ever changing. You now have numerous and ever-changing options to make your posts. If you tried to post to each site separately, you’d be spending hours each day duplicating your work.

Here are a few options to post once and then have it populate to all your other sites.


WP has an easy way to share your posts with other social media sites
You just need to login to your Social Media site first and then go:
WP Admin –Ā Settings – Sharing – this brings you to your Publicize options.
Click on Connect and follow the prompts.

Note – this is what I use on a regular basis.


Buffer is another option to do the same thing. It has a free and paid versions.

Here is the link for their FAQ

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is another site similar to Buffer


This is not an extensive listing, but these are options recommended by some of the tech writers I follow.


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