Chromebook versus PC

With all of the computer hacks, viruses and malware in the world, I going to try out a Chromebook which hopefully will be more secure. I’ve also got a friend with an older Vista machine who needs to upgrade, so I’m trying to put together the pros and cons.

Feature Chromebook PC-Windows
Apps/Programs Limited, but if you are just doing email and websites, then this may be all you need. Unlimited – also you may be more familiar with these programs
Battery Life 6 to 9 hours 2 to 3 + hours depending
Cost $229 + cost of SD card – these are a bit cheaper than standard PC’s but they are getting more expensive if you want more powerful chips. Note – you may need to also buy a new computer $499 +
Learning There is a lot which is different so it will take some time to learn. Win 10 is different and has a learning curve also.
Memory 2 to 4 gb – go for the 4gb option. 4 gb +
Ports 2 USB + HDMI – no VGA Has more ports + VGA usually.
Printing You may need to buy a new printer to work with Chrome. See the article below on cloud printing. Your old printer will probably still work.
Print Screen Ctrl + Switcher Button – this saves a file. Ctrl-Shift+ Button – allows you to select an area. Click on PrntScr button
Processor Celeron – not as powerful – you can buy i3 and i5, but you pay a premium. Most come with at least an i3 processor +
 Recovery 1  Chrome has a simple method to restore to factory settings.  Same is possible with a PC, but not as easy.
 Recovery 2  You can do a backup to a SD card or thumb drive and restore from that.

 Same is possible on a PC
Security Generally safe from most problems except for Phishing New problems almost every couple of weeks.
Space 16-32 gb + 64+ gb SD card – it is meant to work with Google drive and have most of your data in the cloud. You could use a flash drive or usb drive to add more storage. 500 gb + most files are on your computer and not the cloud although this is still possible with Google Drive.
 Updates  Chrome OS updates automatically – there is an arrow at the bottom right to indicate an update.  Win 10 does updates itself also.
1 2 3


Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Chromebook Models

Toshiba vs Dell


Google Cloud Print

The main problem seems to be that you need a special printer to print on a Chromebook. If you don’t have one of those printers, and have what they call a legacy printer, then you will need a second computer to hook up to the printer.

Color Printer recommendation from Con. Reports is Epson XP-830.

How to Install a Local Printer onto a Chromebook




Chromebook Recovery Disk – not sure why I would need this?

Basic Information – excellent video on how to use it.


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