Easy Voice Recorder

easy-voice-recorderWhile I’m sure there are lots of good Voice Recorder programs out their for Chrome, the one I am using is called Easy Voice Recorder from Digipom.

The pluses are GREAT audio quality on my phone – Moto G 3rd gen and it’s easy to figure out.

One minus is that you can’t record to mp3 format. In email conversation with them, it has to do with the proprietary nature of mp3 and Google Chrome doesn’t have automatic support for mp3 recording. It does have a .m4a format, but I can’t play that on some of my devices.

I record as a .wav file which is ok, but if I want to keep it, I change it to a mp3 to reduce the size. That’s not that big of a deal since I usually work on the audio to clean it up.

The Pro version allows you to save to a SD card which also might be nice, but is not necessary.

I also don’t like some of the Permissions it asks for, but haven’t had a problem yet.

Altogether, I’m very happy with this app and use it on a semi-regular basis.


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